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Desperate for Him

David Adesokan

Testimonies of Personal Encounters with God through Worship.

Snapshots of God

Edgar N Obianwu

The many faces of God: Testimonies of God's Goodness, Sovereignty and Power.

Strategies for prevailing prayerS

David Benenoch

This book in a refreshing revelation on the "how to" of prayers.



Desperate for Him officially released on Aug. 24, 2010.

The book Desperate for Him was officially released by Author David Adesokan on August 24, 2010. This book issues many challenges to the reader as they are called to reconsider what true worship is according to the word of God.

Snapshots of God released on Sept 1, 2010.

Author Edgar Obianwu has officially release his book Snapshots of God on 9/1/2010. This book catalogs the many faces of a sovereign and majestic God based on testimonies and encounters both by author and of those close to him.

Unabridged audiobook for Desperate for Him released on Sept 10, 2010.

Adesokan has released the unabridged audiobook version of his book Desperate for Him. It is currently available for purchase on author's website.